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Who We Are

We are a Digital & Consultation

Solutions Agency

We help businesses grow in ways they didn’t imagine. With years of experience in business sales, marketing, procurement consulting, website-development, and graphical design work, we have a team member that specializes in ways to take your project or idea to the next level!

Business Consulting

We have worked with many business over the course of 5 years helping them to achieve better sales forecasts, higher customer retention rates, and we have lowered the COGS with every client we have worked with.

Website Development

Heavily focused on optimization and design we can create your website to capture all of your goals. Being able to reach all demographics, having an optimized site, and increasing your search engine visibility will allow you to gather as many inbound leads as possible!

Graphics Design

Capturing and captivating your audience is important in an age where digital designs and marketing drive the future of sales and business growth. We have a full suite of tools available and the experience and mastery to take an idea and build it into the content you see for your business.


Why choose ADS?

Trust and communication is what sets us apart from our competition. We stay focused on your goals, we communicate effictevely with our clients, and we ensure that we are working on a project that we know we can deliver 110% of your needs. We don’t just accept any project, we take projects we know we can complete and exceed expectations on. 

Do you travel to meet with clients?

If a project requires us to meet with a client, then absolutely we can do so. We can also use any form of online communication needed, whether that is a video call, confrence call, or messaging, we will make sure that we are always in contact!

Will I own 100% of what you build for me?

Yes. From the point of project completion and payment, all work created for your business will be owned by you completely. If any patents, trademarks, or copyrights are involved it will be handled by you and only you. We will also not place any watermarks on any work done past the point of payment recieved. We may offer discounts to clients that allow a watermark at the bottom of a website we built stating who it was built by. 

Do you work with Non-Disclosure Agreements?

Absolutely. Most of our consulting experience has always been coupled with a NDA involved. We understand the importance of keeping industry related information closely held to those that have worked hard to build a business. 

Business Consulting | Web Design | Graphics Design

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Client Testimonials

Victor A, Tamara Homes

After working with a WordPress template and feeling as if we had developed a good base-ADS took our website to the next level! The redesign included a new menu interface, modernized footer, and greatly improved image layout and information flow. They optimzed the site to run smoothly across all platforms. I highly recommend the ADS Team.

Lorenzo F, City Subs

We reached out to Clayton after experiencing issues with our restaurant vendors. He not only lowered all our costs of goods sold, but he managed to do so with the businesses that we had already built relationships with. Absolutely phenomenal job, we are still working with ADS going forward on future purchasing orders with those vendors. We loved the communication and professionalism from the point of calling them to when they came back to train us on new procurement software.

John G, S&P Consulting

   We needed help renovating our website to attract more customers. ADS built the new site and included a lot of tools that we all use to this day that helps create more leads for us, and ADS got us to show up as the second link on Google in our area which is amazing! I will always recommend colleagues of mine to reach out to ADS when they need site assistance.